80s Classic, Dirty Dancing, Set For Remake
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Rumor has it that it has been confirmed that remakes of the classic 80s movie, Dirty Dancing, is currently in the works.
Lionsgate studio have been reported to be making a new version of the popular 1987 movie, which features a number of iconic scenes and memorable lines. The original starred Jennifer Grey as a […]

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Angel Hack In NYC Microsoft Coding by Various Companies

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AngelHack 2 focuses on the startup communities in Boston and San Francisco and has over $50k in prizes to win. We estimate there to be over 600 participants for the March 3-4th event.

AngelHack brings together startup communities from around the country, for a hackathon competition, judged by top Angel Investors, where participants build startups ideas. The only rule is all code must be fresh, so that everyone has a fair chance. Build your startup at AngelHack, win prizes, national recognition, and validation from Angel Investors on what they think of coder’s ideas.

Silicon Valley, CA, April 24, 2012 – AngelHack LLC, the national leader in Hackathon Competitions (defined as “marathon coding challenges”), is proud to present AngelHack Summer 2012. This will be the first Hackathon on record to happen in 4 major markets at the same time, as teams of hackers descend to code and collaborate in Silicon Valley, New York City, Boston, and Seattle on June 23 – 24 for the right to present their plan at the Grand Finals on July 12 at the AOL Campus in Palo Alto, CA.

AngelHack is the only national Hackathon where startups are formed AND funded. According to founder Gregory Gopman, “AngelHack’s mission is to create a global launch pad where tech entrepreneurs can collaborate, find mentorship, and secure investment for new startup ideas.” The top 5 teams from each city will receive 3 weeks of mentorship in AngelHack’s incubator, which harnesses support from partners like Lean Startup Machine. Teams will then be flown to California for an opportunity to present their ideas on July 12 to a panel of Angel Investors who will invest in the winning teams.

Previous AngelHack event winners in San Francisco (on the Adobe campus) and Boston (Cambridge Innovation Center) produced “KlouTron,” a ‘Tron’ influenced game utilizing iPad sensors and API’s to determine direction and speed to create competitive multiplayer exercise game and “Tabber,” a guitar that teaches novices how to play by lighting up notes on a manipulated neck of the guitar via an iPhone App. Sponsors for previous AngelHacks include Google, Intel, Bing, Adobe, Twilio, 5-Hour Energy, and Chipotle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes AngelHack different than Startup Weekend and other Hackathons?
Startup Weekend is an experiential event to inspire entrepreneurship and team building. AngelHack is a national hackathon competition aimed at bringing top tech talent together with investors hungry for deal-flow. Top teams from our event get between 25-50k in capital.

What are teams judged on?
Angel Investors judge teams based on the viability of their startups and team dynamics and our CTOs judge teams based on the difficulty / innovativeness of the technology they’ve put in.

Can people come in with pre-formed startups or must everything be new?
All apps made at AngelHack must be new so that all attendees have a fair shot at winning. We allow attendees to build on existing APIs, open-source frameworks and previous hardware, so that they can do amazing things in a short time period. Winning teams typically come pre-formed and with a good sense of what they want to build.

How long is the hackathon and what times should I be there?
AngelHack hackathons are 24hrs long and takes place from 2pm-2pm, followed by drinks and the top team demos from 5-7pm. The best part is the demos…do not miss!!!


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