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Rumor has it that it has been confirmed that remakes of the classic 80s movie, Dirty Dancing, is currently in the works.
Lionsgate studio have been reported to be making a new version of the popular 1987 movie, which features a number of iconic scenes and memorable lines. The original starred Jennifer Grey as a […]

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FOCOS: Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury or Abnormal birth defects related to the spine

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Originally Posted on: December 5, 2009

I went to a benefit gala by the Focos group. It was held at the Marriot Times Square Hotel on Monday Ocober 5,2009. Their motto is “Turning compassion into Action.” They were asking for donations for their cause and instead of giving them money I decided to write an article to help them.

Focos is a Foundation of Orthopedics and Complex Spine physicians.
Their address is:
PO Box 665, Lenox Hill Station
NYC, NY 10021

They are an Orthopedic Hospital and Rehabilitation Institute. Everyone these days has a doctor that they go to when they get sick, the flu, blood analysis, pressure, and other health issues. But what if you have an ear infection, or a swollen foot, or another specialty problem? Usually you are referred by your primary health physician to a specialist who is better for your particular pain or injury. Well, FOCOS is a specialty HOSPITAL dealing strictly with patients with spinal cord problems, injuries, birth defects and more.

At the Benefit held on Monday, two people spoke. One person was in a car accident and couldn’t walk anymore. She kept commenting on how the staff of this organization, FOCOS, went out of their way to get her extra pampering to make sure that she was ok. Thanks to doctors like Dr. Andrew Swanson this person had surgery and can now walk again. She uses bracers, but she is on her feet when everyone else told her that she would never walk again. And she is very happy for it. Words can not explain the gratefulness and happiness she has now, all thanks to FOCOS.

Another speaker had a birth defect. Although I don’t know the name of this defect and didn’t write it down when the 15 year old girl was talking about it. Her spine grew out of her body causing her to look like Nostradamus and she was disfigured. Her spine grew out horizontally and she had to bow down to walk. She explained that she couldn’t sleep at night for the intense pain that she was in. Thanks to doctors working at this FOCOS foundation she had surgery. They cut out the portion of the spine which grew out not vertically but horizontally. It left her with some scar tissue on her back because there was so much skin there. But she could walk upright again, and suffered no more pain. She looks like a normal 15 year old girl once again that could grow and develop naturally and normally just like any other 15 year old girl.

These two speakers were absolutely saved and continued to repeat how FOCOS has saved their lives. FOCOS has been helping hundreds of people but they need the right equipment. During this time they are actually building a brand new hospital which is due to open some time next year, in 2010. They still ask for donations to help people with spinal problems and continue to save lives, and as their motto says, are determined to “Turn compassion into Action.”

There was another speaker who spoke well about the doctors at a clinic. Both she and her husband were a patient and emphasize that their lives were saved by this group.

Anyone that has any kind of problems with their spinal cord are treated by this FOCOS organization.

I’m just going to list some names of people who are founders and chairs at this organization:
These people include:
Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, MD – President, Founder and Chairman of FOCOS.
Joanne Ronson – FOCOS Board member.
John Kostuik, MD – Chairman of The Board and Chief Medical Officer.
Mark Asher, MD – Professor Emeritus, Orthopedic Surgery, The University of Kansas Hospital.
Michele Cohen, MD – Special Surgery. She was originally treated as a young teen for scoliosis who was also treated by by FOCOS as one of New York’s first patients.

FOCOS (The Foundation of Orthopedics and Complex Spine) is a non-profit organization established in 1998 by Dr. Ohenabe Boachie-Adjei. The mission of FOCOS is to provide comprehensive, affordable orthopedic and spine care to underserved communities in Ghana and throughout West Africa. Through its international network of world-class volunteer surgeons and other medical providers, the FOCOS vision is to create a sustainable infrastructure that encourages local capacity building and professional development in these areas.

With the indispensable assistance of over 1,200 donors who have contributed in excess of $5 million to date, FOCOS has evaluated thousands of patients from different parts of Africa and performed hundreds of corrective orthopedic procedures in Ghana for adult and pediatric populations. In 2004, FOCOS successfully opened the out-patient clinic (Watson House) in Accra, where presently diagnostics, pre-operative, and post-operative patient care are provided.

In order to take the next critical step to serve even more patients, FOCOS must expand its facilities and is seeking to build a 30 bed dedicated orthopedic hospital in Ghana. FOCOS needs $10 million for the construction, equipment, and short term operations of the hospital. The FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital and Rehabilitation Institute’s mission will be to provide comprehensive orthopedic services including diagnostics, outpatient consultation and surgical care to adult and pediatric populations both in Ghana and throughout West Africa; FOCOS aspires to become the premier orthopedic teaching hospital in the region.

With all the professional doctors and staff, my hope is that this organization will expand its reach not just to West Africa but to America and all the world. The stories they described were nothing short of miracles and I encourage people with spinal problems to contact them. Their contact information is above, and you can visit their website, above, for more information. I will list their phone and website address again,


To your health!

Aristocrat Magazine is proud to support charity organizations. We believe that this organization is doing a great job for people with birth defects and other spinal cord abnormalities for treatment. It would be nice to know that there are more doctors and establishments of this kind, with better and better education and information in the United States (the free world) to help our citizens and the world. This type of medicine is very important to a lot of people, especially those also suffering from nerve and arthritis pain associated with the back. Aristocrat Magazine feels that more research is necessary in all fields of science and medicine to continue to battle, treat, and eventually cure/win the war against diseases (viral and bacterial), abnormalities due to birth defects and other abnormalities, and hope that one day soon today’s band aid cures of medicine will evolve into an institution that will not be a temporary or pain management treatment but rather one that is truly an evolved and efficient institution that finds cures to all medical ails of humans and other types of life all over the planet. Good Luck!

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